Sunday, 17 November 2019

Tinyavr toolchain update

Attiny1614 / other tinyavr microcontrollers:

I had a quick go at automating the toolchain build from these instructions

After falling down a couple of rabbit holes, I have made a better toolchain build script which is mostly automated and works with many of the chips (attiny3217, 1614 are the only ones I'm targetting).

Build script is here:

The trick was to get a recent subversion avr-libc and patch it with a patch provided from somwhere... details are in the script and it should work.

Now I don't need ot use Vlad Belous hacky method of installing (but thanks anyway, Vlad, it worked ok before). Vlad's instructions to install binutils and gcc were flawless though.


If you need to build with an open source toolchain, for attiny1614, attiny3217 or others in the same series, try my script (obviously read it first!)